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According to the latest report of the UN Conference on Trade and Development, the pandemic has become a real catalyst for e-commerce, significantly affecting the overall growth of online sales. Today, more and more companies are trying to launch their own platforms for online shopping. To make e-commerce available to any entrepreneur in Azerbaijan - such a goal was set by the creators of the new payment platform Epoint.az. Now, any business representative can register on Epoint.az and start selling their goods and services through their own full-fledged online platform.

Step to success 

A new innovative project in the field of e-commerce - Epoint.az payment platform has been presented in Azerbaijan. The project was lounged by Global Innovations in cooperation with the international payment company Visa and the international audit company BDO.

Thanks to the new platform, an entrepreneur or legal entity can expand the sales by connecting to the e-commerce system without leaving home or office. The registration process on the portal does not take more than 3 minutes, after which the user can start selling by accepting payments from any bank card for products and services. Sellers will be able to transfer funds to business cards opened in Azerbaijani banks.

E-point.az online platform is designed to increase and optimize the sales of entrepreneurs. Extensive electronic tools have been developed for each entrepreneur to conduct online sales, analyze customers and provide detailed sales reports.

The developers are confident that the platform will further increase the share of e-commerce in the domestic market and stimulate the entry of national products into foreign markets. Azerbaijan has created a favorable environment for the development of electronic payments within the State Program for the Expansion of Digital Payments for 2018-2020. According to the Central Bank, the volume of non-cash payments by cards in 2020 reached a record high (6.4 billion manat).

All at once

In addition to supporting the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Azerbaijan, the epoint.az project aims to accelerate the digital transformation of both consumers and entrepreneurs offering their products and services. 

At the same time, entrepreneurs have a number of advantages:

·      Online registration and access to e-commerce within 3 minutes

·         Creating a free and automatic business page

·     Acceptance of secure payments with local and foreign bank cards

·       Recurring payments with saved cards

·   Business cards saving option and 24/7 transfer of collected funds

·  Matching the information necessary for accepting payments to each customer

·       Submission of payment widgets for placement on other sites and resources

·       Referral program

· Submission of API documents for connection to other platforms and mobile applications

·   Ability to download and work with online reports, detailed statistics on sales or customers and other information

·       Online notifications for sellers and buyers

·       Online invoices

·      The platform is available in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and is accessible to the widest audience

Also, in the framework of cooperation between Global Innovations, Visa and BDO, entrepreneurs are provided with the following opportunities:

·       Free connection to the platform

·       Get Visa Business and Visa Platinum Business cards of any bank for free

·       0% bank commission on all online sales in the first month of using



Security comes first

"Global Innovations" will expand the product's technical and business capabilities to support small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to digitalize its services.

Online payment services by buyers, as well as payments to sellers' bank accounts, are made through PASHA Bank's B2B acquirer host. Epoint.az offers the ability to connect to any web and mobile platform with a secure API.

As a part of a cashless payments increasing program in the country, the international payment company Visa and the international audit company BDO supported the project, creating favorable conditions for entrepreneurs to join the e-commerce platform.

The security of the platform and payments is ensured in accordance with 3D Secure security standards (Visa Secure and MasterCard SecureCode) and EV SSL (GeoTrust) certificates.

"Global Innovations", which develops and provides technological solutions in Azerbaijan, is not content with that. It is planned to expand the capabilities of the Epoint.az platform by developing additional innovative tools to support small and medium-sized businesses in Azerbaijan.

"Global Innovations" LLC is the first fintex company in Azerbaijan received a Statrup Certificate from the Ministry of Economy and be exempt from income tax for the next 3 years.  


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